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All your moving needs in one place. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, let us help you find the tools you need to make your move easier. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can locate companies with the skills you need to make your transition from one home to another as smooth as possible.

Click on the button of the type of service you need. This will take you to a list of companies that you can choose from. Give any one of them a call to book your service.

We offer any easier way to plan your next move, listing providers that offer the services you need all in one place.

Yes, we do. Many of the providers on our site also do office moves.

The price of services depends on the type of service you need, and the provider of those services. You will need to call them directly to determine their prices.

We do not have any positions available. We do have some links to hiring sites that you can use. They can be found under “Hints & Tips”.


Yes, you need to have a moving date planned in order to book your service. You will work directly with our providers for this. If one provider is not available for your date, please choose another from our list.

If you are giving or using a gift certificate, you or the gift recipient will need to contact the service provider directly in order to book. 

Other Inquiries

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us through our online contact form, if you have any further questions, or if you require any more information about our website.   

You can often purchase packing supplies such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, furniture pads, permanent markers and packing tape from the moving company you hire. You can also purchase these items at large hardware stores or order them online. When you pick up boxes, keep in mind that your vehicle size matters. Most unfolded medium and large boxes will not fit in two-door or small four-door vehicles. Crushing the boxes to make them fit can damage their structural integrity. We have links to order supplies under “Packing Supplies“.

The other option is to get used boxes, or reuse boxes you already have in your home. You can sometimes find boxes using Facebook or Kijiji. Some moving companies also have boxes left behind by other customers. Used materials are a great way to save cash during your move, but the downside is that they come with the risk of damaging your belongings if the quality has degraded with time.  If you are reusing old boxes or getting used boxes from a grocery or other retail store, you should make sure the boxes are clean and free of any damage that could cause them to give during your move. If they feel weak or unsteady, do not use them!

There is no single, perfect box size for moving. Different items are best suited to different boxes. Check out these common types of boxes and the best ways to use them to keep your items safe on moving day:

2-cube (2x2x2’): This is the most “standard” sized box. It’s best for heavy items such as books, canned goods, shoes, etc. The heavier and denser the items, the smaller the box you will want to use.

4-cube (4x4x4’): Best for light items such as linens and other clothes, or for oddly shaped items like kitchen appliances, lamps, etc.

TV box: You will use this to keep your TV safe and undamaged during the move.

Picture box: These are used for framed artwork, mirrors, and other thin, fragile items.

Dish barrels (and inserts): Used to pack dishes and other fragile kitchen items.

Wardrobe box: These are a great way to move clothes: with a hanging bar included, you can simply transfer your clothes on hangers to the box, and easily move them into your new closet when you arrive at your new home.

Here are our tried and true tips for labeling your boxes:

First, decide what will go into the box. Knowing what will go in each box – and having similar items grouped together – will make labeling easier.

To avoid the post-move runaround, make sure every item in a box is going to the same room.

Label the top and sides of the box and include a quick list of what items are in the box.

Prominently label each box with the room it belongs in, so your movers know where to put it in your new home. This simple step will make unpacking much less of a headache for you at the end of a busy moving day.

Number each box and keep a list for yourself with the number of boxes and the room each box should be in (you can even list their contents).

We have some lists that you can print off and use under “Hints & Tips”.


For service providers, this is an excellent way to get your company noticed. Customers are already here looking for your type of services, you should also be here and visible to them.

All information that is input into our website is processed through a secure server and is encrypted using SSL (secure server software) with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) communication.

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments through PayPal which is a faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.  All major forms of payment are accepted.  In order to combat fraud, we also require our consumers to enter in their full billing address during the checkout process. We also accept payment in the form of Gift Cards.


To write a review, click the “Write a review” button in the top navigation or in the blue button link provided from a company’s listing.

If you are not coming directly from a company’s listing page, type the name of the company you want to review in the search bar. You will be asked to provide a star rating (out of 5) for both satisfaction with the company’s work and your likeliness to recommend the company. You must also provide a title, a value for the cost (or confirmation you did pay for the service), and a description of the work (of at least 30 words). You may also upload photos to show their work, and choose to post the review anonymously.

Once you have clicked the “Submit Review” button, you can expect it to be posted within 48 hours of its completion, given that it passes Review Guidelines.

Please see our Review Guidelines for more details.

Every single review on our site goes through a rigorous verification and screening process. MovesMore starts by requiring valid credentials to ensure that all of our customers and their claims are legitimate. Submitted reviews are then run through a complex verification and screening process that uses numerous highly-technical fraud detection algorithms to remove submissions with suspicious activity. Then, a member of our Content Team reviews the submission to ensure that it has passed all of our requirements before it is published to a company’s listing.

Companies are free to contest reviews that they think don’t belong to them and those reviews are then re-evaluated. If they are from legitimate customers, they are maintained. Please see our Review Guidelines for more details.

To ensure the integrity of the content, all reviews are run through a rigorous verification and screening process. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete. Once your review has completed this process, you will be notified.

To delete a review, “CONTACT US” and MovesMore will remove the review on your behalf. If you are being bullied or pressured to do so in any way, please let us know – MovesMore takes the safety and privacy of our users very seriously and is committed to maintaining the integrity and quality of the content on our site. MovesMore is working towards a solution that will allow users to modify and remove reviews through their dashboard that will capture that information.

There could be a number of possible reasons that your review did not meet MovesMore.com’s guidelines. See below to determine if your review can be edited for re-approval.

Reviews can be rejected for the following reasons:

● Language: The review contains inappropriate language or personal attacks.

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● Company Initiated: The review has been written by the company themselves.

● No Contract: The review was for an estimate, no-show, or showroom interaction that didn’t result in a purchase or contracted service.

● Relevance:  The review was for a product or service that is not part of the home moving experience and is not considered relevant content for our users.

● You yourself have not hired the company but are writing a review on a job done at a friend or neighbor’s house, or a quote.

● Other Companies: The review mentions competitor’s names or other company names.

● Names: Your review contains full names (last names)

● Litigation: If currently in litigation with a company regarding a job. In this case we ask that you please wait until the litigation process is completed before submitting your review.

Since a transaction did not take place, there is no tangible way (i.e. an invoice) for a consumer or company to prove that an interaction occurred between the two. These reviews are not published on company listings.

Writing a negative review benefits other users of the site by letting them know the issues you may have had with the company. A negative review also lets the company know when they have an unsatisfied customer. Companies are able to respond to reviews so they can hopefully make the situation right. When you write a negative review, explain what you were unimpressed with and what you wish the company had done differently. Think about what you would have liked to know before hiring the company. As long as your negative review is truthful and does not defame, slander or personally attack the company or its employees, you should feel comfortable writing a negative review.

Please see our “REVIEW GUIDELINES” for more details.